Point of View and Perspective in Photography – Palm Trees

The excerpts from a photo shoot I want to share today are palm trees. On a photo shoot from a few months ago, I took numerous shots that I will be sharing over the next few weeks. This particular excerpt focuses on point of view and perspective using palm trees as the subject matter.

I have attached three photographs out of a number I shot that day around a lake near our house. When you are taking photographs for artistic purposes or to relay a message, you need to find unique ways to present common subjects. You need to visualize a different point of view to present or a unique perspective. The attached are great examples in my opinion.

Palm Tree 1

Palm Tree 1

The first photograph is from the base of a large palm tree along a walkway that encircles the lake. I sat down under the tree and pointed the camera skyward. I changed my focal point slightly and snapped about five shots, this being the one I liked the most. I like the result and believe it offers a capture that makes you stop and really look at the photograph…mission accomplished.

Palm Tree 2

Palm Tree 2

The second photograph is in a grove of palm trees. I did the same thing, sat down on the ground and started pointing my camera skyward. I took about six shots and settled on this as the best. Again, I am pleased with the result and believe it offers another great example of a unique perspective.

Palm Tree 3

Palm Tree 3

The third photograph is a group of palm trees I spotted around the lake. From a distance I shot just the top portion of the palm trees using the sky as a contrast against the fronds. This capture may not be as unique as the other ones, but it does show an example of framing subjects in such a way that you get rid of the surrounding noise. An example of what I mean would be this same shot of palm trees in Los Angeles using the same angle. I could put two of these types of shots together and you wouldn’t know which one was taken in a major city and which one was taken by a lake. You do not see the ground or the surrounding landscape.

So next time you are taking photographs and you want to make them pop, think about your perspective with the subject. What are you trying to relay and what is your point of view. It may be a creative angle to capture a subject or it may be eliminating noise or additional surroundings that give you a uniqueness to make someone stop and really look at your photograph. Thoughts?

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