Picking the Best Photograph to Use as an Art Print

From a photo shoot, I will take numerous shots of the same subject to make sure I have covered all angles and captured what I am visualizing in my mind. Once you look at your results, the next step is narrowing it down to the final print. I talked about this last week and wanted to give additional examples this week.

I have attached 4 photographs of a waterfall in the Cascade Mountains near North Bend, Washington.

Waterfall 1

Waterfall 1

The setting is incredible and the beauty of the area tells it’s own story.  I am trying to capture the upper and the lower falls together. This shot just didn’t grab me.

Waterfall 2

Waterfall 2

Almost the same, just slightly different…still not quite what I was visualizing. Recognizing that from my angle, I wasn’t gong to get a shot that included both levels of the falls in the manner I was looking for. Once I realized that, I focused on the lower waterfall.

Waterfall 3

Waterfall 3

This is the type of framing I was looking for and really like the presentation. No cropping was required and no adjustments to color, etc.

Waterfall 4

Waterfall 4

Waterfall 4 looks identical to 3. Looking back and forth, I started thinking they were so identical it didn’t matter. Both framed the power of the water in a manner that I was looking for. The beauty of the setting was front and center and told a story. How did I decide which one? It’s all in the details…snapped just seconds apart, look at the mist in the upper pool on both. In 4 it is slightly higher than in 3 creating just a tad more of an important element. Here’s the interesting part; I had not studied them in that detail. I kept looking back and forth and my instinct told me 4 was a just a little more interesting. Then I went into the detail to determine why. I’m a firm believer in following my instinct, but I also want to know the why behind it to help me grow as a photographer. Waterfall 4 is now an art print in my Color Photography Collection and I have used it as a background with one of my Inspiration Prints.


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8 thoughts on “Picking the Best Photograph to Use as an Art Print

  1. Sue Slaght

    Again thank you for the explanation. I appreciate the tips on the framing. Although I’m not making prints of course I can see the huge difference between the for stow and last two. Lovely image you chose.

  2. lorriebowden

    HI Kirt! Love this post. The photos are beautiful…but your narrative was so informative. And…I couldn’t help but make a parallel between your words, “I’m a firm believer in following my instinct, but I also want to know the why behind it to help me grow as a photographer” and my thoughts on growing spiritually!! Replace “photographer” with “person” and you are talking my language!!
    By the way….I also love the photography tip 🙂 I did a “photo shoot” for “Sisters in Sunrises” back in the spring. I also took many photos (and I don’t consider myself a photographer…I use my smart phone as a camera) and when I was viewing the results…some were taken in succession and I chose only by my intuition of what “felt/looked” better. In the future I will ask myself why!!
    Love to you Kirt!


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