San Diego Sailing – Featured Art Print

From my Black and White Gallery 1, I want to feature “San Diego Sailing”. This particular print was done in a project I did for a San Diego company. They wanted the art work in their office suite to be San Diego landmarks in black and white prints. It was a specific request to compliment the decor element of the office and celebrate the San Diego story. The attached is one of the resulting prints. Nothing could be more San Diego than a sail boat on San Diego bay using the skyline as a back drop. When you start looking at the detail of the shot, you notice it also includes the USS Midway which is a permanent museum ship docked in port. Having this shot as a black and white allows the eye  to capture  the shapes and subject matter quickly without the use of color. Seems a little contra to not use color to depict a city as beautiful as San Diego, but it allows the elements to tell the story on their own. I have also attached the original shot as a point of reference in the final art print.

Notice the original shot… was a hazy day, which disappears in the black and white, plus the two elements of the sail boat and the skyline take different positions. In the color photograph, the sailboat is the focal point with the buildings a background and the blueness of the bay becoming another visual element. Again, if I was to use the color version, I would clean up the haze and crop the same, but the final product would be selling sunshine and outdoor sailing. In the black and white version all of these elements are equal, but the foreground and background are complimentary and there isn’t any competition visually from the blue of the bay. It all depends on what you want your final art print to say.

San Diego Sailing Color

San Diego Sailing Color



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8 thoughts on “San Diego Sailing – Featured Art Print

  1. milfordstreet

    Nice shot…I spent a week in Sand Diego this winter and despite the great weather, the light can be fickle. The B&W definitely overcomes the haziness. I did a sunset shoot of the downtown from Coronado and was thrilled when a sailboat came by.


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