The Purple Pink Wedge – Featured Art Print

With a name for an art print like that, you have to know it’s abstract. On this particular print the style of painting used is a fauvist technique. Fauvism is a style of painting with vivid expressionistic and non-natural use of color that flourished in Paris from 1905.  The style compliments an abstract painting. I like the look, especially on abstract prints where the shapes and colors are suggestive, but not necessarily true to realism. In this particular example, I have used a wedge shape (or triangular if you will) that I colored purple and pink.

Love it or not, it does grab your eye. I thought you might find it interesting on what inspired this particular art print. It started from one of my photo shoots about a month ago. Coming into our community, we have an unusual structure that is dedicated to the memory of the Native American and their interest in the stars. Image a desert night away from city lights and the brilliance of the stars above you. This structure is a conical shape that has a walkway winding around the edge of it to the very top. On the top of this structure, you can gaze at the night sky and the stars that fill the sky. it is beautiful, but what “I” the photographer saw was unusual architecture that could make for interesting abstract art prints. Here’s one of the shots I took from that outing that became the inspiration behind this piece.

The Purple Pink Wedge Original Photograph

The Purple Pink Wedge Original Photograph

So, the first thing to notice is that I stayed true to the original form even down to the security camera lens that looks like an eye in the final picture. As a photographer I am always on the lookout for the unusual architecture or shapes around us as a basis for abstract pieces. I ended up doing a series around this structure in my gallery that used different angles, different painting techniques and a variety of color hues to create distinctively different art prints. The process itself leads to a number of shots (around 20 in this case) that I whittle down to a few perspectives that appeal to me. From there, I try a variety of painting styles to see what I Iike the most. Next is the color palette….that ultimately is just what my preferences are and what I think looks appealing. After creating a few of those pieces, I put them away and come back to them in a few weeks. A fresh look lets me know if I have a series I want to add, just one or none. In this case, I chose a series.

Again, abstract art prints don’t appeal to everyone and frankly don’t fit every interior design decor. Where they work the best is a decor such as modern or contemporary that have more of a minimalist approach where a print with strong shapes, lines or colors create a focal point to a room and not just a compliment to a room.  What are your thoughts?


I invite you to come into the gallery to view the new additions to the collection in the Abstract Oil Gallery.

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17 thoughts on “The Purple Pink Wedge – Featured Art Print

  1. sueslaght

    Kirt it is very interesting but I have to admit I like the original that inspired it more. Very striking as you say. That security eye camera definitely conjures up many ideas of what the pink wedge could be. 🙂


    Truly beautiful and awesome art work my friend. Thanks for sharing and keep allowing the Lord to use you to share with all of His Children the beauty and depth of the Mind’s eye. Have a blessed and prosperous day in the Lord.

  3. lorriebowden

    Hi Kirt! I love all art!! What a great process you described…I always find it interesting to hear other’s creative process! In a strange way I am reminded of a shark’s dorsal fin. And you may not know my fear of sharks…but the “eye” on the “fin” is terrifying! Haha


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