The Family Unit in Gold – Featured Art Print

I have been adding some new art prints to my Abstract Oil Gallery, so I wanted to feature one of the new additions to the collection: The Family Unit in Gold. As with any abstract print, the shapes are either suggestive of a specific form or they are just shapes. This print is suggestive of the shapes and what you see is an abstract version of a mother holding a  child in the foreground and a father with a child on his shoulders in the background.

Having been married for over 40 years and raising three incredible daughters, my wife and I celebrate family.  This particular piece (and others in a series around family units in the gallery) are my expression of the team effort it takes in raising children.

Being a fan of abstract work, but being married to someone who does not, I realize that this style of art don’t appeal to everyone. From my perspective, I look for art prints that evoke an emotional response from either the shapes or colors. Whether it is a piece of just shapes and colors that please the eye or something that distorts a subject that is still recognizable; if the color contrasts and or shapes appeal to you, then it works. To me it’s simple without getting too deep in a meaning. All of that said, I thought it would be fun to show where the inspiration for this piece came from.

We have two small statuettes that we have on our entry table that we picked up years ago that we both liked. About a month ago, they caught my attention and I began to think about doing some abstract art prints around them. The next day found me positioning these two statuettes in a light box multiple ways. About thirty shots later, I narrowed the pictures down to a few different poses and started creating the resulting prints using a variety of oil techniques and color hues. I have attached the photograph that this particle piece is based on.

Photo base for The Family Unit in Gold

Photo base for The Family Unit in Gold

I was only using the photograph as a basis, so wasn’t concerned whether the shot was in perfect focus or not (which it isn’t). To complete this print, I used a fauvist style oil painting technique which creates strong, yet simple brush strokes in bold colors. I chose an intense purple for background with the family done in a brighter gold. I also liked the positioning of this shot with the mom in the foreground and the dad appearing to follow as if on a journey (metaphorically speaking they are), but now I’m getting too deep. 🙂

Whether you are an abstract art fan or not, do the colors and or shapes create a visual response for you?


I invite you to come into the gallery to view the new additions to the collection in the Abstract Oil Gallery.

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10 thoughts on “The Family Unit in Gold – Featured Art Print

  1. sueslaght

    Interesting work Kirt. At first glance of your art the word ‘team’ jumped to mind. As I read about your intention of family I surmise that team and family actually are very similar.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thanks Jonathan….I feel pretty strong about the family unit and have been blessed with growing up in a very loving environment and have created the same for my girls through God’s guidance and love!

  2. reocochran

    This is very creative and lovely, Kirt. I like art when it is expressive, which this is. Families need to have this connection and inter-connection, too. Gold is perfect in this, too.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thank you very much!!! I appreciate your feedback….I like the symbolism of it and have a very strong sense of family unity which I can happily say we have successfully passed along to our three girls as they start their own families.


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