Airplane Parts – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

Not that I’m in an aviation or aircraft pattern, but my photo shoot excerpt this week is again planes. Ironically enough, I was going through the “Shack” photo shoot and forgot I took a number of pictures of the airplanes parked at the Goodyear Airport (Goodyear, Arizona – western suburb of Phoenix). The airport does a lot of refurbishing work on aircraft and parks a number of them around the property while they are being worked on and for older planes, to have the spare parts available. With the dry climate, makes for a great place to store them. Where I am going with all of this is not the planes, but how to make pictures you have taken a little more interesting if you’re thinking of using them for interior design. The first picture is the original shot. (I wasn’t kidding….there are a lot of aircraft parked there…this is just a small portion of them.)

Original Photograph

Original Photograph

So I took that shot and cropped it into a more interesting shape to focus the eye on the planes and the Sierra Estrella Mountain Range in the background.

Cropped Photo

Cropped Photo

Just reshaping the print and puling the focus in on what you are trying to display, changes the dynamics of the shot. I love B&W photography, so I took it another step further….

Black and White

Black and White

Totally different picture.

Let’s take one more….the original shot:

Original Shot

Original Shot

You can tell that the front plane is used for parts as it’s missing engines…

This photograph cropped….



Not dramatically different, but cleaned up to keep the eye focused where you want it to.  And then finally the black and white version…

Black and White

Black and White

I use this technique of cropping and changing to black and white to create more interest in a photograph specifically if it’s being used to adorn an office or office suite. Just some thoughts!


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5 thoughts on “Airplane Parts – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

  1. Heartafire

    thank you for the great photography and the detail of technique, I particularly like the cropped close up of the aircraft and mtn background. Splendid!


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