The Shack – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

A couple of weeks ago, I was out on a shoot when I spotted this old shack. I have a fascination with old buildings in general, but dilapidated shacks seemed to have a photographic appeal. I especially like them in a sepia format as that gives the picture a dated and historical look. Today I wanted to share some of those steps starting with the original capture.

Shack Original Photograph

Shack Original Photograph

From the original, I cropped the frame to have the final product focused on the shack in the center of the picture….

Shack Initial Cropping

Shack Initial Cropping

So, we now have the shack more prominent in the photo, but all of the electrical lines distract from the main goal…old rustic look….

Electrical Lines Removed

Electrical Lines Removed

With the electrical lines removed, the look speaks more rural, but I think I want to crop one last time to pull the shack in better….

Final Crop

Final Crop

So with my final crop done, I like the framing of the shack and now turn the print into a sepia tone print…

Sepia Shack

Sepia Shack

The final print looks like a picture taken years ago of an old ranch house abandoned in a very rural area. When in reality, the original picture was just taken two weeks ago and the abandoned farm-house sits a few blocks off a major freeway in a high growth area near Phoenix.

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7 thoughts on “The Shack – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

  1. sueslaght

    I really appreciate the way you walked through the process Kirt. Very helpful for someone like me in the early learning. A fantastic final product.

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