Orange Poppies – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

Just so you know, not all photographic opportunities go as planned. Even under controlled conditions, “stuff” happens. I had set up my light box and was going to do some macro shots of California Poppies. The request for this shoot actually came from my wife. We have recently moved into a brand new home, so naturally the art work we had in our other home doesn’t fit the decor of this house. The good news is, my wife likes my work and we use my prints and paintings in all of the rooms of our house. It is amazing how just switching out a print in existing frames makes a total decor change in any room. So what she wanted was some prints of these poppies and was gracious enough to go and get a plant. Almost out of season here, that task was a challenge unto itself.

What I have attached are samples from that shoot, starting with the first one….this shot seemed set up ok…lighting was good…focus was close…when I went to snap the shot…yellow petals and orange petals dropped like stones.

Poppy 1

Poppy 1

Thinking the lack of petals on the yellow poppy was obvious, but the orange blooms looked doable….I went for another shot…

Poppy 2

Poppy 2

Wrong…the lack of orange petals  was obvious and all of the attempts to tape or glue them (yes…I did try both) were in vain….I cut that stalk off and tried again…

Poppy 3

Poppy 3

The petals on the remaining two stalks stayed put!!

Poppy 4

Poppy 4

And I was able to grab a couple of great shots. From these I will crop and analyze focus. All told…it was a series of 30 shots to come down to a couple worth taking to the next step.

Poppy 5

Poppy 5

I have already started to play with a couple of these as paintings…..


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11 thoughts on “Orange Poppies – Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

  1. Sherri Of Palm Springs

    It sure is nice for your wife to have an artist/photographer as a husband…She must go crazy with all the beauty you create.. I had to laugh a little when you were trying to fix the leaves..Wishing you both many years Of Happiness in your new home

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