“Tropical Foliage” The Art Print of The Week

“Tropical Foliage” is the art print of the week. It’s from the collection in my Tropical Gallery. I started with taking a picture of a potted ornamental banana plant on our patio. From that original photograph, I created a couple of versions of this print. I did some oil painting techniques and then this watercolor. I like the way this one turned out as the watercolor technique gives the picture a softer look. Just so you can see the origin of the final product, I have attached the original picture. Enjoy!!

And the starting point…..

Original Picture

Original Picture

Source: Tropical Gallery

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13 thoughts on ““Tropical Foliage” The Art Print of The Week

  1. sueslaght

    Kirt this is such a beautiful print. I can’t imagine the skill and creativity this would take.

    On another note Kirt, and I hope you won’t think me too intrusive, I don’t think this post is showing up in WordPress Reader. If you use more than a combination of 15 tags and categories it won’t show. For example if you go to the Reader and type in one of you tags such as online art gallery, your post does not come up. The reason I know this is that it happened to me. Here is a link to an article in WordPress forum http://en.support.wordpress.com/topics/

    Feel free to delete my comment and again my apologies if I am overstepping. I would like many more people to be seeing you excellent work.

      1. sueslaght

        You are most welcome Kirt. It just seemed with the quality of your photographs you should be getting more traffic. Hope it helps and have a great day. 🙂

  2. reocochran

    I always enjoy your photographs of nature and plants. I loved this art print, thanks for showing us the plant that gave you inspiration! Lovely, Kirt! Smiles, Robin


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