“Desert Botanical Garden – Chihuly Exhibit” Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

As a follow-up to last weeks photo excerpt post, I have attached three more shots from the Chihuly Exhibit at the Desert Botanical Garden here in Phoenix. I can’t help but admire the creativity in arranging these incredible pieces of art within the desert landscape.  The first picture is a surprise because it is nestled in the reeds of a pond and not as open and obvious. The second picture demands center stage with its brilliance and the third represents the range in color of the displays. Enjoy!

My work certainly can’t compete with his, but for my art prints, please visit my main gallery: TheWallGallery  (In respect of copyright,  none of the Chihuly pictures I have taken are on my website as it puts them in a “commercial” use. This blog is using them for sharing purposes and getting the word out)

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46 thoughts on ““Desert Botanical Garden – Chihuly Exhibit” Excerpts from a Photo Shoot

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  2. sueslaght

    Thanks for sharing more of these Kirt. I just love them! I will also add you are an amazing artist so no need to be making any comparisons. Have a great day!

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thanks…I could go on and on taking pictures of his work…incredible! The display at the Seattle Center is a lot more extensive than the one here…glad I got to see that one!

  3. jillscene

    Wow, stunning images of a stunning display. The desert setting seems to make them only more dramatic – must be amazing to see in person. Your photos give me a sense of it, though. I think my favourite has to be the one of the boat hidden in the reeds. Thank-you for posting.

  4. jillscene

    Still thinking about your photos. The sculptures are so different from the Spoon and the Cherry Tree at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden, and the elephant and the dogs at Saa Kaew Ku,
    yet your images provoke the same sort of reflections … hmmm … perhaps more celebratory. Maybe that’s to do with the colours.

  5. Yoshiko

    Nice place 🙂
    Thank you on behalf of Daylight Tune Ministry for your like on out poetry. May you be blessed through our ministry 🙂

  6. Line

    Oh, I love that middle photo! So many beautiful colors! It makes me smile and fills me with joy and celebration! 🙂 Thank you! I want to keep looking at it!

  7. Tiffany Wade

    These pictures are beautiful! If you don’t mind me asking, what type of camera do you use? I am in the market for one (looking to step my blog up a notch or two), and have been for about a year now. I could just be over analyzing my decision lol.

  8. reocochran

    Chihuly is an amazing artist and think your photographs gave us a great reminder of his work. You are showing us ones we may not have known about due to your close proximity to the Desert Botanical Gardens, in Phoenix. I have mainly seen the Columbus and Cleveland Art Museum’s samples of Chihuly, so I am thankful for my perspective being widened. My favorite part of his artistry is how he includes his surroundings to provide a living background. Thanks, Kirt! Smiles, Robin

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Robin, I agree! I am familiar with his work in Columbus as I have family there. he also did the ceiling at the Bellagio in Las Vegas…incredible!! My favorite has been the display in Seattle at the Seattle Center by the Space Needle. I have read it is the world’s largest Chihuly display. I believe it. There are eight exhibit rooms, a glass house and an outdoor garden. Just incredible!!I have a number of shots from that….good idea for another blog share 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!! He’s an incredible artist!!

  9. Iamrcc

    Thank you for the visit and the like of my Weekly Photo Challenge “Containers” post. I have several photos from a Chihuly exhibit that was here in Chicago at the Garfield Park Conservatory a few years ago. His work is life like.

    1. Kirt D Tisdale Post author

      Thank you very much for the feedback and the visit. I am curious how large the Chicago exhibit was? The one here in Phoenix wasn’t as robust as the one in Seattle. I blogged on the Seattle one also….that one is spectacular….they have a building and garden dedicated to it by the Space Needle. His work is incredible. Thanks again!

      1. Iamrcc

        I don’t remember exactly how many works he had on display, but I took about 50 pictures and I did not get a shot of every thing because there were so many people. It was so well attended that they extended the exhibit beyond it’s original closing date.

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