“Saguaro Cactus” Excerpts From A Photo Shoot

As a follow-up to my “A Walk in the Desert” last week, I am attaching two pictures from that hike. The first one I call Saguaro Group….I have no idea if this cluster grew naturally or is a left over from a previous land owner…none the less, it stands out very distinctly in the desert. The second one is an up shot of a saguaro. I got as close as I thought I could, bent down and held the camera upward. I’m sure I looked ridiculous doing it, but what we don’t do for the right shot! The saguaro is a national icon for cactus and specifically Arizona. They are native to Southern Arizona and Western Sonora, Mexico. Having lived in San Diego for so many years, whenever we would drive to Phoenix from California, the minute you crossed the border there they were. It’s as if they knew the state line and yet the border between the states is in the middle of the desert. Go figure. Enjoy!!

Saguaro Cluster

Saguaro Cluster

Saguaro Upshot

Saguaro Upshot

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14 thoughts on ““Saguaro Cactus” Excerpts From A Photo Shoot

  1. Miia

    Wow, this looks so exotic to me!! I understand this is in CA? Or Arizona? I have been to many deserts but never to a desert like this. It looks exactly like in the westerns I used to watch when I was a child 🙂

  2. karen

    It always amazes me that the state lines seem to be so clearly drawn when it comes to the change in landscape! The Saguaro stand is wonderful.


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