A Photo Shoot “The Moss Rock Wall”

I took a quick hike the other day down by a lake near us. I was not familiar with this particular trail, so I wasn’t sure what kind of photo shots I would get. I was pleasantly surprised by two very interesting opportunities. The first opportunity I call “The Moss Rock Wall” and have include 4 shots from that series. (The second find I will save for a later post)

In this series, the trail is descending down a hill towards the lake in a series of “hairpin” curves. Remember this is December and the Pacific Northwest, so we have the typical gray skies and a lot of green with all of the rain we have been getting. Enjoy…..

Moss Rock Wall Trail

Moss Rock Wall Trail

Two levels of the wall just below a “hairpin” curve…

Close up of the Moss Rock Wall

Two levels of walls coming off a “hairpin” curve

Looking back at the “hairpin” curve….

The "S" Curves

The “Hairpin” Curve

And finally a close up of the Moss Rock Wall….

A Close Up of The Moss Rock Wall

A Close Up of The Moss Rock Wall

Thanks for letting me share my hiking find, I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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