A Photo Shoot: “The Bench”

As any outdoor photographer can tell you, when we are out and about, we are always looking for a great shot. There are those occasions where I am out specifically getting shots like last week when I did the photo shoot of the Seattle Great Wheel, but there are also those occasions when you are just out and about and you catch it in the corner of your eye. If possible, you stop and go back at that moment. I have been known to make sudden side trips with a passenger in the car and they look at me , like are you nuts….no…I saw something. My wife has gotten use to this, so she humors me.

I saw that thing in the corner of my eye the other day, but couldn’t stop and take advantage of it, so I had to pass it up. It weighed on my mind the rest of the day and into the next. I finally decided, I had to go back and take some shots now…unfotunately for me it was raining, a nice steady rain, but I couldn’t get it out of my head…yea, I ended up hiking in the rain to get that shot.  I call the photo shoot: “The Bench” as a bench is the subject matter I was after.

There is something about a bench on a trail or in front of a scenic overlook that invites you to sit and take it all in or to sit and have a conversation with someone close to you. Whatever it is, I am drawn to capturing them.

I have attached three of those photos I took from my rain excursion and then included the three watercolor art prints that resulted from them .

The Bench Picture 1

The Bench Picture 1

This is the original photograph I took, you can tell it’s a dreary rainy day, but we still have the fall color and the leaves have fallen over the path.

Next, the resulting watercolor:

The Bench Watercolor 1

The Bench Watercolor 1

Next is picture number 2…

The Bench Picture 2

The Bench Picture 2

The same bench, just a slightly different perspective. The resulting watercolor…

The Bench Watercolor 2

The Bench Watercolor 2

And finally picture number 3…

The Bench Picture 3

The Bench Picture 3

and the resulting watercolor…

The Bench Watercolor 3

The Bench Watercolor 3

The same bench in all three, but from different perspectives. So, that was my photo shoot for the week and the resulting art prints.

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3 thoughts on “A Photo Shoot: “The Bench”

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  2. gillmorris

    I like them all! But if I have to choose it would be the first one, I like the closeness of the bench in that one and love the idea of painting (over??) the photo. I did that myself one. Must try it again 🙂


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