The Rock Climber

“The Rock Climber”  The Art Print of the Week

I updated my Inspiration Gallery and the art print of the week is one of the new additions. This print is a motivational thought of mine as an overlay on a color photograph. The photograph was taken last spring in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area right outside of Las Vegas. What I like about the picture and why I chose it as a backdrop on one of my inspiration prints was the rock climber barely visible in the picture. When you first look at the picture, you go…cool….red rock…pretty and then you see it. The tiny speck of bright red in the lower right of the picture. It takes a second, but then you realize the red dot is a guy climbing up the face of the rock and he has two buddies at the base below him. It brings the perspective of size into focus real fast.

The Rock Climber

The Rock Climber

source: Inspiration Gallery

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