A Photo Shoot: The Old Railroad Station

I was doing a photo shoot of the fall colors around town when I found myself at the Issaquah Historical Train Station. Not one to miss an opportunity for pictures, I wanted to share some of the shots I got that day in their “raw” form…before I have turned them into black and white or sepia prints or paintings.

The train station was originally built in 1889. It was bought by the city of Issaquah in 1984 for restoration by the historical society. It was listed on the National Register of Historic sites in 1990 and the refurbished train depot was dedicated as a museum in June of 1994. Actual train service over the years included passenger service between Seattle and North Bend. The tracks were eventually abandoned and the right of way given to the county for conversion into their trail system.

Issaquah Railroad Depot

Issaquah Railroad Station

Station Platform

Station Platform

Logging Equipment

Logging Equipment

Actual displays of some of the logging machinery and the tools that were used.

Example of Tools

Example of Tools

I have played around with these shots of the tools already and they will end up in my gallery as Sepia Art Prints….

Last but not least…

The Yellow Car

The Yellow Car

A lot of history and the facility is kept very much up to date. It was a great photo opportunity, but more importantly a great example of the Issaquah Historical Societies work at keeping the heritage of  the region fresh for following generations to remember. Since Issaquah is now part of the greater Seattle metropolitan area, it wouldn’t be hard to forget that it once was the gateway to the Cascades and a travel point of passengers and logging materials going up and down the mountains.

Thoughts? Comments?

These photographs will be available shortly in my Color Photography Gallery.

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