Urban Architectural Elements 2

As a follow-up to last weeks post, I wanted to share another series of art prints and the difference the media makes on them. This series I call “Looking Up”. It’s from downtown Seattle and is exactly what I call it….looking up. The first picture is the original shot.

Just like the “Street Corner” shot from last week, the original stands on its own. Now let me take it to a black and white shot.

The black and white brings another element to the picture. Without the color, the lines and contrast carry the picture. This type of black and white (using a skyscraper) is similar to a series I did for a business in San Diego. That series used all black and white photography of San Diego landmarks and highrises. They were framed using a white matte and black frame. It fit the “urban chic” of that particular office suite.

Using an abstract watercolor technique now gives that same shot a completely different look. I’ve brought the color back into the equation and actually made it a focal point. Again, this type of style would fit a contemporary, modern office environment.

So let’s move to oils….

We keep the color and the lines, but add the depth of large brush strokes. This type of art print would fit the more traditional office decor.  It makes a very a very bold statement while staying true to form.

Let’s now take it to the old world feel…..

The blue tones are about the only thing left in common with the impasto style. The gothic style of oil painting gives it an old world look and with the strong brush strokes again, bold. This type of art print would look good in an urban office that has a very traditional, classy and warm decor.

Let’s pop it up a notch…..

Just like last weeks post, the Fauvism style of oil painting takes more liberties with an abstract style and becomes a crossover between traditional and contemporary.

As you can see, the media used does impact the final presentation of the art print and the decor the print ultimately compliments. Thoughts or impressions?

These particular art prints came from my online art galleryTheWallGallery. The B&W print can be found in my Black and White Gallery, while the painted prints are from my Cityscape Gallery.  Follow my work on my Facebook page – TheWallGallery by Kirt Tisdale. (Page likes are always appreciated!) Thanks!


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