The Rock

I have two Black and White Photography Galleries on my web site, the first one has prints based on architectural elements and the second one is… for lack of a better term….everything else. Last week my post “The Hallway” was from a series of prints I updated gallery 1 with. This week, my picture is from new photographs I have updated gallery 2 with.

I picked this particular print of coastal Oregon because of the elements of the picture and how they work for a black and white photograph.

The most obvious element is the rock itself…notice how strong the black is and the defined contrast to the surrounding beach. The beach itself serves as a great mid-tone for the darker rock and then you have the misty fog at the top of the picture creating a soft, subtle area in complete contrast to the “Rock“. If the contrast and shapes don’t create some sort of distinct contrast, the odds are good it won’t look good in a black and white photograph.

Black and white photography when framed correctly gives any decor that modern clean look. All of that said, what are your thoughts on the picture? Thanks!



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