The Hallway

I just updated my Black and White Photography Gallery with some new prints. The gallery theme is architecture and architectural elements. One of the new additions stood out and I wanted to share it. I call it the hallway. It’s a hallway in the Fairmont Empress in Victoria, British Columbia. I took the original shot because I had a sense that the symmetry and depth created something interesting…not until I converted it to black and white did I realize how true that statement was. I’ve talked about it before, but it’s always worth looking at…black and white photography (similar to sepia tones, but for different reasons) create a totally different picture than color. That said, the elements of a picture must be strong and possess distinct contrast for it to work in black and white. Take a look at the picture and let me know what you think.

For  additional black and white prints visit the updated gallery or my main website for all of my prints.

2 thoughts on “The Hallway

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