River Walk

As a follow up to my last post on the Alamo…one cannot visit the Alamo without enjoying the San Antonio River Walk. One of the most photographed areas along the banks of the river… I really couldn’t bring anything more to the table with my photography (check this site out for some really stunning pictures) . So, what I decided to do was capture the elements of the area through painting. The project evolved from a typical traditional watercolor approach to a more modern edgy abstract look. As an example the first picture is an actual photograph that I used as a basis for a traditional watercolor…picture 2. That’s when I shifted gears and decided to approach it from a different perspective.

Typical spring day along the river walk…..

Same scene done in a traditional watercolor…

A completely different look and feel. I felt like this approach brought a more contemporary and edgy look.

I popped the colors a little more to bring an additional element of strength to the picture.

I like the look of these shapes in the sun, so I focused on bringing them out….

I was tempted to change the coloring of the river from it’s normal murky, but decided against it after playing with it for awhile…after all it is a river and not the Caribbean …

And of course what would a river walk scene be without……

people and restaurants!

I appreciate any feedback and thoughts about the look of the pictures I have done. This series will be posted in the near future on my main gallery site. Thanks!

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