Red Rock

My wife and I just sold our home in San Diego and have been touring around different markets looking at homes and deciding where we will land. With our adult children up and down the US western seaboard, we are staying in the western part of the US. All of that said, I have been capitalizing on our trips for my photography…last week I got some great shots of the Riverwalk and Alamo in San Antonio and this week we stopped in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area immediately west of Las Vegas. I have to admit, I was blown away. In my prior life in corporate America, I managed a group of folks in Las Vegas and was there on a monthly basis. In all of those years I had only briefly seen some of the Red Rock Canyon. On this trip I said to my wife that I wanted her to see the area and thought it might be a good photo opportunity for me. She has been a great help on all of my photo shoots as she has a good eye and will catch things I miss. So we finish our house hunting business in Las Vegas and head out to Red Rock Canyon. We spent the next several hours driving through the canyon, stopping and hiking with the attached results a sample of the more than 100 shots I took that day. I would appreciate any feedback or thoughts…Thanks!


Red Rock 2

From Kirt’s Main Gallery: TheWallGallery

From Kirt’s Main Gallery: TheWallGallery

From Kirt’s Main Gallery: TheWallGallery

From Kirt’s Main Gallery: TheWallGallery



1 thought on “Red Rock

  1. constancecarlsen1

    Reblogged this on Things to talk about and commented:
    Amazing ! Breathtaking shot of Red Rock Canyon by Kirt Tisdale. is a must see site. I wish I could capture such beauty the way Kirt does. Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful work. I am able to travel through your work. Lord knows I do not have the means to leave Long Island so I will fantasize through your work . Thanks for the vacation!


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