If you are reading this, then it’s safe to say you are on a journey. If we are living and breathing, we are all on journeys. We are all walking our own path of life. We are often joined by family and friends as our paths intertwine, but ultimately we are on our own individual path. Are we alone on that path? No, we are never alone. He is with us always, hand in hand when we reach out or patiently waiting when we don’t acknowledge him. I liken it to a path we all take as we go through life. Like this picture there are times the path seems clear, beautiful and inviting. Other times, not as clear, not as beautiful. We really do not know where our journey will takes us as we live our lives, but again we are not alone.  He walks with us on our individual journey never venturing off.  It is we who venture and get off the path He has given us. Like a little kid looking into a candy store as we walk by. Oh…I want to go in…look at all of that candy as we run in the door. He waits patiently for us to rejoin him.

When the path looks like this picture, we feel in control and know where we are headed. When you walk through the arbor, do you see what’s ahead or what is next? Suddenly, we don’t feel so in control and begin to wonder and doubt. When the path takes you through unfamiliar territory, remember you have a walking buddy…you are not alone!

The Garden Walk

The Garden Walk is a watercolor I did and can be found in my Landscape Gallery on my Main Art Gallery.

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